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Managing a Video Production Company

Managing a Video Production Company

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Publication Date: July 20th, 2021
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Providing a detailed break-down of the skills required to establish and grow a profitable production company, this book enables content creators and filmmakers to navigate the commercial video production world and the needs of its clients.

Drawing on professional experience in the industry as well historical examples, author Tom Vaughan-Mountford illustrates the ways in which producers can avoid common pitfalls and better manage their business, projects, and clients. Making the corporate world accessible for filmmakers, this book covers all aspects of the video production process, equipping creatives with the tools--and the mindset--to offer their skills to paying clients in a reliable, repeatable, and above all profitable manner.

This book is ideal for filmmakers and content creators looking to establish a successful video production business, and features an online resource pack with example production paperwork including a call sheet, and example script re-writes.

About the Author

Tom Vaughan-Mountford has worked in the commercial video production and television advertising industry since the 1990s. He has worked in a variety of roles on several thousand productions, spanning a diverse spectrum of business sectors. Tom is currently the senior creative of a long-established video production company in the UK.